Thursday, 4 August 2011

One Of Those Memories: Bihun Soup.

Our journey home from Kedah, stopped at a very familiar place, which now has a different look. Bihun Sup Pak Mat, Simpang Ikan Lahar Mati (Pak Mat Bihun Soup) in Seberang Perai, or we call it Bihun Sup Lahaq Kepaq. The new stall situated a few meters back from its original place.

The river - at the 'back' of the stall.
Chicken rice was tasty too.
Sitting under the new stall: brick stall, my eyes searched for the old wooden stall with a zinc roof shelter, which once built nearby the small river. Nothing was there except for a big old tree that was familiar to my eyes. Sitting on a chair under the new roof with a tar floor, only then I realised that the space used to be the river I seek….half of it actually. Thus, I still could see the river beside that stall.

I have to admit, the place felt different. I missed the old place. The old stall. For me, the stall offered a sense of calmness and beauty from its view and its green surroundings. I was always mesmerised by the beautiful view of the paddy fields while indulging the tasty yellow noodle soup. The trees, the bushes and the grasses seem to be adding to a very soothing sight and environment. But, having said that, I also have to admit that the yellow bihun sup still taste the ‘same’. TASTY and a thumb up!

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