Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Moment of Twilight in Kuala Perlis.

As we drove through the coastal area of Kuala Perlis, situated in Perlis state, which lies on the most northern west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, indeed has lots to offer. All we had to do was choose ‘the right place’: A place where we could experience the sunset while tasting a delicious food. But to choose ‘the right place’ was not an easy decision to make: a place that offered both, a good food with a package of breathtaking scenery.

As the orangey red sky melting into the edge of the blue sea, I know we had to make a quick decision if we wanted to dine before that beautiful ray of light lost below the horizon of the west. 

Thus, experienced that atmospheric moment of twilight with the family before the dusk started to appear.

Manja 4, one of the many food stalls, along the coastal of Kuala Perlis, was our ‘right place’. Hence indeed the stall was ‘the right place’ to dine. It did offer the package that we looked for. The kuey teow I ordered was and still a thumb up. Delicious. Plus the atmospheric moment of twilight seen from Manja 4, received two thumbs up from me. Phenomenal. 

I couldn’t ask for more except for the lower price of one plate of that delicious kuey teow, which reminded me of a plate of the same dish in Kuala Lumpur, a Metropolitan city. I guess that phenomenal moment, which I enjoyed with my family, is not free after all. The experience came with a price and  thus, included in the price of that delicious kuey teow.

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