Saturday, 20 June 2015

A Wonderful ‘Spicy’ Journey

Travel-Journey’s Dairy: Southern Thailand

Part 1: A Wonderful ‘Spicy’ Journey

Our journey to Krabi started a day earlier as planned and the hotel was never booked according for that date. Therefore, we had no place to stay, thus no destination but to decide one. As daddy and us used to this kind of ‘journey-holiday’, I confidently set Phuket as our first holiday journey destination. Children at the back seat, agreed, since Phuket for them, was a new place to discover.

It has been daddy’s dream to drive to Phuket. The dream he has set ages ago. Thus, planned our next holiday to Krabi never include Phuket.

Having said that, the advantage of  ‘journey-holiday’ by car or self-drive, we can freely choose our own route and stop at any place that we desire. In this manner, we get to know the ‘unfamiliar’ space, cultural and landscape even closer. With this in mind, the journey  started from Padang Besar boarder at about 12 noon and set off to Phuket with no place to stay.

Our first stop was at a so-called restaurant, in a district called Tamot of Phatthalung Province.

We were welcomed with wonderful greetings from the owner himself and his wife, even received a ‘first-class’ serviced. A nearly two-hour journey seem priceless, thus we forgot to state - we would like our meal with not so spicy taste. 

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