Sunday, 5 July 2015

Phuket Here We Come

Travel-Journey’s Dairy: Southern Thailand

Part 2 - Phuket Here We Come

The journey to Phuket took us nearly eight hours drive (from Padang Besar-Phuket).Driving through the island without a place to stay was not our main concerned. Thus, to decide on which beach should be head on, was not a problem at all. Hence, Patong Beach was a choice, since it was and still is, a pick of the  tourists worldwide. But to look for a place for dinner, was not an easy thing to solve.The search was never found only until we reached Patong zone.

 As we entered Patong ‘gateway', from the highland (road), the dots of light flooded the down below land, was a sight to remember. Never in my thought, Patong was a place of such a crowded city.

Once a place for dinner was pick, a smile of relief appeared on the children faces and its became bigger when soon noticed the restaurant was been acknowledged by a few of Malaysian local tv stations.

Later, choosing and hunting for a place to rest and sleep was not a big issues, since Phuket was not at its peak season. The hotel’s rate thus, was reasonable. We choose a place that faced the famous beach. Two double bed in a room with a three star hotel environment, we paid only RM 170.00. 

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