Sunday, 1 April 2018

Batu Burok Which Defines Otherwise

Pantai Batu Burok, Kuala Terangganu.

A stop at Batu Burok beach was merely a decision to fulfill our carving of delicious seafood fry which sold along the beautiful stretch of white sandy beach in Kuala Terangganu.  The beach which married with the breathtaking South China Sea is the closet beach to the city centre of Kuala Terangganu, East Coast Malaysia.

As my sight waved through the landscape, soaking my feet under the warm pearl white sand,  I do at that moment realised  Batu Burok offered more than just its tasty fried seafood.  Breezing through this beautiful panoramic landscape, pleasure soothed my tired emotions and fabricated a sense of calmness, gratefulness and Subhanallah, as I am just a humble servant who is powerless without His mercy. 

The Framed Landscape

The beach was indeed crowded, thus it always  has been the choice of many. In the sense of relaxation, recharging and rejuvenates both, the tired mind and soul, and also the soul of family moment and intimacy. Having said that, this crowding space conjured no feeling of hemmed at all. But, just a feeling of happiness.  Like any other families dotted here and there on the soft sandy beach, we talked, teased, hugged and laughed, thus the family moment and love was then rejuvenated to the fullest again. 

For me, travel away from home to a place of choice, once in a while after a few months, should be the routine. As life is not just about money and wealth, but also, about family and bonding with soul of love which blessed by HIM.

Interestingly, the balance between the colour of nature - the blue sea, the green leaves of Casuarina trees and the white pearl sand - with the people and objects that lingered in that landscape, offers a sheer  persona of  wonderfulness and 'picturesque scenery'.

And that makes me realised the named given ‘Pantai Batu Burok’  which translates as The Ugly Rock Beach, signify its humbleness to its real beauty treasured by HIM The Mighty Creator, since I found no ugly rock either anywhere at that white sandy beach.

Yes indeed my family  and I, we had no complaint of its beauty and persona except for the expensive fried seafood.

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