Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Bukit Gambang Resort City

The Bukit Gambang Resort City...

'Resort City' is such a big name for this place, thus it did not  fit perfectly 'yet' in this term.  My three days and 2 nights stay could be consider a bad experience. It all started with a 'heat and sweaty' first night. One of the air conditioner of my 2 bedrooms apartment was not function. The maintenance only responded after two phone called through my mobile phone. Yes...through my mobile phone... since the apartment's phone line was informed as having a problem. Then the experience started to get worst as the next morning...the was no water supply. But sadly, the Resort seem to respond as it was a normal 'thing' when the complaint was made:

'Ya...N3 memang sedang ada masalah air. Maintenance kami sedang baiki.' 

Wow...what a 'good comforting word' from their front office. No apologising for the 'uncomfortable' situation.

Lastly, there was no house keeping service for 3 days and two night stay. We paid RM 600++ and the house keeping service is not event 'served' the purpose of 'Resort City': The rooms should be clean and comfortable.  Thus, I wonder what characteristics does this 'Resort City' hold tight to?

However, the Water Park and Safari did 'try' very hard to served it function as 'the best' in the nation. But both is not included in that RM 600++. Thus, then it was a different story after all.

Hence, THE RESORT CITY has to  redefine as it failed to uphold the 'resort city' this moment.

Having said that, nevertheless, our family holidays still a moment to remember. The moment cherished in the Water Park and Safari ( excluded The Resort City) is another precious 'diamonds' time that is now locked safely in the cloud of memory.

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