Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Finding A 'Perfect' Closer

Finding a 'perfect' closer

"Finding THE closer to a conflict for a story is not as easy as blink of an eye. It needs creativity, knowledge (research and observation) and most of all - wisdom. Otherwise the closer will be thrown into a pool of cliche." 
[Haswida Abu Bakar: 23rd September 2015]

Yet it is not a well written story if the closer is not at par as it's conflict. Now I am stuck in the last act of the storyline: Act 3 - 1. Closer (How to solve the created conflict?) Yes, I have formulated a closer in mind but to fabricate it into a workable flow, it is not as easy as a blink of an eye. Or otherwise it will be thrown into a pool of cliche. Thus, the whole story of TEMAN JIWA will lost its soul. Months of research and effort will drained into the waste pool.

NOP...No.. I don't want that to happened. I love my Teman Jiwa or Soulmate (translated in English). Even though the idea is not mind. It was given and outlined by a person whom I respected and admired. But to groom and paint this interesting and beautiful idea of Teman Jiwa, it needs a 'splash' of Salaga-doola, menchika-boola, Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo [Fairy Godmother in Cinderella], so that it can magically turn it (idea) into an amazing story. An amazing dramatic love story, in the case of Teman Jiwa.

Indulging through the magical dramatic love story journey of Teman Jiwa, I, slowly fall in love with the characters: Azmeer, Kalisha dan Rukiah.... Firdaus. It is a story of soul mates, meet at a perfect place and time, blessed by the magic of pure love but fate is not on their side. Or does it? The answer depends on how and where I place my formulated closer. Then every things will fall into place and shines pleasantly into the readers heart. 

That is the mystery of every story I wrote. Yes, I did set it's ending. But as the story flows, the magic of 'ilham' take over the mind, it reshapes the idea, thus story once plotted. Hence, the story by then, is a mystery to me as a writer. Nor I or the unfinished story,know how the closer plays it role as to fabricate the ending. And that, my dear, is a magical journey I will be never get tired off.

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