Saturday, 24 February 2018

Happy Birthday My Youngest


Celebrating birthday for a loves one is a favourite part of my life. As a mom, consciously realised that my three used to be cheeky ducklings now two of them are teenagers and my eldest has blossom beautifully to a young woman. Having said that, end of January the circle starts again. As always it begins with my youngest.

Muhammad Ikmal Alif is now 13 and officially a teenagers. Happy birthday love. Interestingly, two years in a row we celebrated his birthday in Johor Bahru without any plan. Both celebrations were a last minute decision : to travel to the city.

Looking at his teenager smile as the beautiful and friendly restaurant’s staff sang a birthday song with a candle lighted on a slice of  delicious cake while walking towards us, it was (and still) a precious memory. Thus, it is now hangs firmly on the wall of memory and hold dearly the moment of togetherness.

Happy Birthday My Son. And you are a teenager now.

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