Sunday, 6 May 2018

My Stay In Labuan

Just A Weekend Stay

A last minute plan to fly to Labuan was reasoned by to spent time with my soul mate whom had been there for several days. Searching for the hotel to stay was indeed an easy task since the island offers many good reviews hotel and I decided to tick Dorsett as my choice. However, the pick had to be canceled and agreed to stay at a budget hotel -Labuan Fortune Hotel, instead, since it had been ‘the stay’ for my soul mate and his crew. Thus, I booked a double bed room for my trip.

Labuan Fortune Hotel

It is a new hotel located at the city centre. Just a walking distance from one and only shopping mall in the island: Ujana Kewangan.

With RM98, my double bed room was worth of the value paid. The room was quite spacious, comfy and hey…the bathroom…it was clean and I was indeed satisfied. Having said that, my view was a white wall with a window of a double storey bungalow. Thus, it made the room gloomy. The curtain of my window shaded the sunlight for coming through since if I tied it to a side, it would be a see through for  ‘my neighbour' sight .

Above all, if I could give the star rating for a budget hotel category, it would be  8/10.

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